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“Desolate,” a film by Andre Martinez. Soundtrack by Adam Mullen of Musica Atomica.

Image taken from " Vireality [Official Teaser Trailer] " (2015)

Image taken from "Vireality [Official Teaser Trailer]" (2015)

"Vireality" is an upcoming feature film by JTS Entertainment, currently in production. Music composition services provided by Musica Atomica. Check out some sample tracks from our "Vireality" sketchbook below.

Image taken from " Legacies of the DCAU - Promo " (2015)

Image taken from "Legacies of the DCAU - Promo" (2015)

Image taken from " Batman v Superman - Animated Style " (2015)

Image taken from "Batman v Superman - Animated Style" (2015)

Album Artwork taken from " Tabula Rasa" (2015)  (James Strecker, artist)

Album Artwork taken from "Tabula Rasa" (2015) (James Strecker, artist)

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