Recently in May, I launched a social media hub, called PROJECT DEFIANT, for my upcoming Star Trek fan film, “The Vintaak Code.” Originally when I wrote the first draft around December 2016 for this fan film, it was my intention to do a one-and-done kind of film, but then I came into contact with the brilliant fan film producer, Vance Major. While talking about fan films with Vance, we came up with several ideas for something of a sequel to my planned fan film. For a couple of months, we bounced around ideas and finally settled on an intricate story that weaves through multiple parts of Star Trek lore all related to the starship Defiant.

In late June, we released a short film titled, “Dark Glimmer,” in which we catch our first glimpse of where our story is heading. The short film acts as a vignette for Project Defiant and as a tease to our viewers. So far, two weeks after its release, “Dark Glimmer” has received positive praise. Vance shot the film, and several other short fan films, back in late May at Arkansas based Star Trek fan film studio, Starbase Studios. “Dark Glimmer” was written and produced by Vance Major. I co-produced and composed the music.

The film shows Vance’s Mirror Universe counterpart of his popular character, Erick Minard, as he defects from the ISS Valiant to the ISS Defiant. In the film, Minard has just killed his wife, Captain DeSilva of the Valiant. Vance did a great job at summoning a much darker side of his character.

I wrote the music for “Dark Glimmer” in early June. I wanted to blend electronics with brass instruments and strings. Since this is the Mirror Universe, the music had to lend to the overall sense of unease and ill will that typically comes with the Mirror Universe in Star Trek.

I post regularly on PROJECT DEFIANT’s Facebook page with updates, Q & A from the cast and crew, trivia from Star Trek, and will soon be releasing more info here and there related to “The Vintaak Code.”

These past couple of months are my first outing into Star Trek fan films. I’ve learned a lot and look forward to what’s in store for the future!

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You can watch "DARK GLIMMER" below!