"Legacies of the DC Animated Universe" Webcomic

Have you read the latest issue of the hit webcomic "Legacies of the DCAU"? If you're a fan of the DC Animated Universe (1992-2006) then you'll want to check it out! "Legacies" aims to fill the gap between Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond. Its host channel, "The Watchtower Database," features promos, behind the scenes videos, and many more goodies to watch.

Featured as the music to "Legacies" and "The Watchtower Database," is the epic film scores from Musica Atomica! Working closely with the creators of "Legacies," Musica Atomica produces music that reflects the DC Animated Universe's roots with nods and influences of the music by the late Shirley Walker.

The music of the DCAU has some of the most memorable themes. Shirley Walker and others brought the magic on screen to life through their music and is one of the reasons why these shows are near and dear to so many. It is the hope of Musica Atomica that the music of "Legacies" lets fans relive some of those memorable moments again.

Musica Atomica composer, Adam Mullen, looks forward to continued collaboration with "Legacies of the DCAU," creators Ted Kendrick and James Strecker.

Check out "Legacies of the DCAU" here.