Musica Atomica provides composing services tailored to your multimedia, be it film, web content, or video game. Our wealth of resources, knowledge, and experience culminates in bringing that coveted “epic” feel to your media. See the Music page for sample work.

Why Musica Atomica?

Musica Atomica has been writing premiere music compositions for the better part of a decade, including the score for "Batman v Superman Trailer - Animated Style," a video by JTS Entertainment that went viral in April 2015. Musica Atomica provides musical services for JTS Entertainment's YouTube videos on a regular basis, as well as their spin-off channel, The Watchtower Database, and video assets for their webcomic, "Legacies of the DC Animated Universe."

Additionally, Musica Atomica is currently in production on the musical score for the upcoming independent sci-fi/comedy feature film, "Vireality."

Adam Mullen

Portland, Oregon based composer Adam Mullen is the frontrunner of Musica Atomica. Adam is a two-time graduate from the School of Music at the University of Oregon, with a Master’s degree in Multiple Brass Performance and a Bachelor’s in Music Education. He began his film composing career writing for the creative studio JTS Entertainment. Aside from multimedia compositions, Adam also occupies his time with creative writing, teaching private music lessons to Portland-area students, and watching Star Trek. For more on Adam, visit his personal website, Adam Mullen Music.